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Kneeling Rifleman, 1st Bttn. of The South Lancashire Rgt., 3rd Inf. Div. (sand base)--single WWII British figure

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Item Number: DD339

Kneeling Rifleman

This is one of the most useful figures with no base.  He can be positioned anywhere a collector wants to put him--especially filling up a Landing Craft. 

This kneeling figure holds the classic ‘Lee Enfield Rifle No. 4’.  This British bolt-action rifle was the direct descendent of the earlier SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) MKⅢ which was introduced in 1907 and did sterling service throughout WWI and into the middle of WWII.  The ‘No.4’ came into general use in 1943 and served British and Commonwealth Armies well into the late 1950’s.  The rifle fired a .303 round and could hold two clips of 5 rounds each. Tough, sturdy, and accurate, this Lee Enfield was one of the finest and most reliable rifles of WWII.

As most of you know, on D.DAY, 6 June 1944, more British and Canadians actually landed on that first day than Americans, but the three Allied Armies had a major battle on their hands first of all to secure all 5 Landing Beaches and then fight their way inland and try to capture their initial objectives before the Germans could launch the inevitable counter-attacks.  On Sword Beach in the British sector, one of the spearhead infantry units leading the assault was the 1st Battalion of The South Lancashire Regiment.  This particular battalion was an integral part of the famous British 3rd Infantry Division.

Back in June 1940, this division was among the last units of the B.E.F. (British Expeditionary Force) to leave France from the beaches of Dunkirk and so it was very appropriate and fitting that they were among the first to land in France on another beach in another place four years later!

Due to be released in AUGUST 2021.