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January News

January 11, 2019

Hello fellow collectors, modellers and gamers. We are gearing up
for a cold weekend of gaming and NFL playoffs. We will have the
Patriots on here on Sunday at 1PM. So feel free to game and cheer on the Patriots. I have been sorting out some Collections that I picked
up last Fall. So keep an eye on the Rare and Retired Sections and
ebay in the coming week.

We are now on Instagram.  hobbybunker

Things of note:
I am picking up another collection of tanks this weekend (1/12). Forces
of Valor, 21st Century and Corgi. Most of them are loose and we should
have them out in the store pretty fast.

Metal Toy Soldiers: The John Jenkins January releases have been added and I expect some of them to sell out fast. Pre-order ASAP. First Legion
has made some big announcements, see below. King and Country
January Releases have been announced. See link further down.
The Latest Collectors Showcase sets are now shipping, see link below.

After months of sorting and updating we finally have the W.Britains and retired items ready to sell and many are now retired or down to
the "Last One" so grab them before they are gone.
LINKS: Current   and   RETIRED
Next up is Thomas Gunn, we just took a full inventory and many items
are gone or down to the last one. This should be completed by Monday.

   We will be hosting the Pre-release for the new Magic the Gathering release on January 19th and 20th at 1PM on both days.  
We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.  

Finally arrived from Plastic Platoon!LINK: PP
And due in 3-6 Weeks NVA Heavy Weapons

First Legion Ltd January/February 2019 Releases If interested please
pre-order now. There will be limited stock and re-stocks won't be
available until April. LINK:First Legion

  We just got word that there will be 2 new Chariots and Celtic Command coming in very soon.  Tomorrow ExForce is announcing:
54 BRT 07    British Hussars
54 FRN 11    French Hussars