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Late January News

February 1, 2019

Well folks we are just trying to stay warm like you today!   Hello fellow collectors, modellers and gamers. We hope you all are surviving this polar vortex. We are just sorting out some collections and cleaning up our office on this cold day. The store has been pretty steady all day, we Bostonian's aren't afraid of a little cold air.  I just got back from the South Florida Toy Soldier show. I hadn't been in several years so I thought I would check it out. The Attendance was decent and my sales were strong and even higher than expected. I did a little buying, viewed a friends collection and looked at a huge collection that is up for sale. It is a logistics issue at this point. Beautiful sets of Trophy, K&C, Little Legion, Figarti and more! So. Florida Toy Soldier Show!
January 29, 2019
We are now on Instagram.  hobbybunker
Things of note:
GAMES This Weekend!
GRIMDARK GAMING 4ok event-   1500 Points Narrative Game Day Primer

WHERE:    The Hobby Bunker                 ENTRY FEE:     $5.00/Grimdark Gaming
WHEN:       February 3rd, 2018                      Set-up @ 10:30 am. - Dice roll promptly at 11 am.   Monthly Bolt Action 28mm WWII Saturday Feb 2nd 10AM  
Upcoming Toy Soldier Shows
2/23 in VFD Little River Tpk Annandale, VA 
3/3 Hilton Hotel Hasbrouck Heights,New Jersey.
3/15-3/17 Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA
Check here more more details:

Metal Toy Soldiers: We just added the new Thomas Gunn Releases and they are now in stock.
The John Jenkins January releases have all been received. We also just got a couple of each of the sold out Corsairs in. This is the last of them. . The February releases were added and the link is below. Pre-order ASAP. First Legion has made some big announcements, and we expect them in about a week. King and Country January Releases have all been received.

 Thomas Gunn Miniatures section has been updated. We just took a full inventory and many items are gone or down to the last one. We are updating them now with "Last one" if its our last one, retired, completing removing if sold out and putting overstock on sale.
LINK: T.Gunn

-Rare and Retired Section. We just added some new sets and marked a bunch of other sets on sale! Link: R&R If you like the Minimen WWI I have a couple more dozen sets to list.
    ______________________________________   We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.   LINK: (click picture)    We just added some Trophy and AQM

New Paragon Scenics Mexican Army
Now in Stock!
LINK: Mexicans!

 Plastic Platoon!Future Releases due in 3-6 Weeks. NVA Heavy Weapons and new German Fallshirmjaegers at Crete, 1941.Pre-order now Link:PP
First Legion Ltd January/February 2019 Releases If interested please pre-order now. There will be limited stock and re-stocks won't be available until April. LINK:First Legion

New Napoleonics and Barbarians!Now in Stock!
LINK:  Exforce 54 BRT 07    British Hussars  54 FRN 11    French Hussars     LINK:Celts 
New John Jenkins January/February Releases. LINK:NEW JJD   This are starting to trickle in.
Also now up is the February releases.   We expect the Stug to be popular! LINK GA-20 
It's amazing when the John Jenkins figures all come together. He staggers the releases among his ranges but if you are a little patient it all comes together brilliantly!