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Early August news...

August 3, 2018

August has welcomed us with some humid weather and customers from all over the country. In the last 2 days we have had people visit the store from CA, CT, ME, NH, IN, TX and Ken Ciak from LOD in WI. Helping customers pick out toy soldiers in the shop is fun. I love all the mail orders but chatting with collectors from all corners of the country is a nice change.
Tomorrow, August 4th we have our Bolt Action WWII 28mm Game day and later in the month on the 25th we have our annual Historical Games day so if its hot out there come down and play games in the Bunker basement!
 I just finally added the last of a Thomas Gunn WWI and WWII Collection and have dozens more Retired WWII K&C available(just adding now).
Links: K&C
What else is new?
We just added some 1/10 Franklin Mint Harley Davidson's and pile of other odds and ends this week.
LINK: (click picture)
The Games Workshop Kill Team Game was a hit. We sold through our first shipment and a restock just showed up.The 40K club had several people in last Sunday playing the game.
What's New?
Check out our new gamer's page. Link up with other local gamer's, post your event, find opponents, battle reports, pictures, etc,
Games at Hobby Bunker
Mark your calendar for our 9th Annual Games Day on August 25th!
New August releases!
Cool new stuff from
We have a limited amount of the 2nd version of the new King Tiger BB031 (#334).
The one shown below (#221)with the new tank riders are sold out.
BB031 and the Tank riders will be out late this month.
Reserve or order your tank now!
New Plastic Platoon Sets coming soon!
Marines with Gasmasks (on the way now).
and a recoiless rifle set (due in a month or so).
There are also
Expeditionary Force British Army
New Sets coming soon, pre-order now!
Coming up later in month will be the first Ancient Celt Set for a new range of Romans and Celts.
LINK: British!
Light Infantry
Scots Greys
Life Guards