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August #3

August 23, 2018

August is quickly wrapping up here and we are looking forward to a bust September. We have the Virginia Toy Soldier Show on the 8th and the Chicago Show on the 23rd. Of course we also have school and football season kicking off. If you live locally stop by and take advantage of our in store promotion. We also have the flea market section open until the end of the month.
We have all sorts of new plastic and metal toy soldiers below. The Collectors Showcase has released some cool new items including  a statue of Scarface and some Platoon character figures.
We also have our Historical Gamesday this Saturday. Stop by and check out the games. You can play too!
 This weeks big release from Games Workshop on sale Saturday.
We also just added some loose Necron Figures from a collection to our stock.
We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.
LINK: (click picture)
      Well folks it's time again. Once again Richard Claydon and I are running our Annual Historical Gamesday. We have 4 games scheduled for our 10AM slot, 2 Games in the Afternoon Slot and if any interest one for the evening.
What's New?
Check out our new gamer's page. Link up with other local gamer's, post your event, find opponents, battle reports, pictures, etc,
Games at Hobby Bunker
Mark your calendar for our 9th Annual Games Day on August 25th!
The Last August releases due in later this week.
With Chicago a month away I look forward to the September Releases.
Cool new stuff from
We have a limited amount of the 2nd version of the new King Tiger BB031 (#334).
The one shown below (#221)with the new tank riders are sold out.
BB031 and the Tank riders will be out late this month.
Reserve or order your tank now!
New Plastic Platoon Sets coming soon!
Marines with Gasmasks (on the way now).
and a recoiless rifle set (due in a month or so).
Expeditionary Force Barbarians
Due in soon...
New American Revolution Sets available in late September 2018
New Medieval Knights and crossbowmen, Confederate Cavalry, 12" Statues, Vietnam Platoon figures and 2 versions of the M60.
Now taking pre-orders for early September Delivery