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U.S. Militia Infantry in shell jackets Grey (9 models, with multiple heads, and arms/action poses) (formerly 54ACWCSSHL)

Future Release

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 54ACW06G

9 Figures in 3 poses in Grey Plastic, Officer (1 pose) + 2 Infantry (4 each pose)


Each box set will contain the following:-

1 Officer with sword, 1 bugler/standard bearer, 7 infantrymen with sufficient arms to for four different actions poses: firing, attacking, advancing, at ready. (9 models + 12 sets of actions arms)

Each box-set will also contain 18 optional heads: for the Militia – 6 French Kepi, 6 havelocked kepi, and 6 round peaked cap.


*Price Subject to change