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Royal Kinsmen Cavalry (Extra-Heavy Cavalry)--five mounted figures

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Item Number: 60PSN14-G

Royal Kinsmen Cavalry (Extra-Heavy Cavalry)

Persian cavalry underwent a major change to their equipment and fighting style in the later part of the Achaemenid period.  The bow was abandoned in favour of heavier shock tactics.  The increase supply of stronger cavalry mounts, especially as the Nisaean horse, allowed for the adoption of heavier horse armour.  Wealthy Persian and Median aristocratic warriors begin to adopt various styles of horse armour with the dramatic Bactrian winged armour making its appearance.

The most prestigious of the Persian army is the Royal Kinsmen Cavalry and we felt that they would be the most befitting to be equipped with the best and most expensive armour.  They are reserved for the decisive charge in battle.

This box-set contains 5 model soldiers plus 5 horse models comprising of 1 officer and 4 troopers as per our standard arrangement.

These heavy cavalrymen did not disappear upon the collapse of the Persian empire in 330 B.C.E., but continued to serve the various warlords of the Hellenistic period as allied or mercenary units.

Released in MAY 2021.