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Roman Legionary Camp Tent--Open--Limited Availability.

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First Legion, Ltd.

Item Number: ROM172

Roman Legionary Camp Tent - Open

The Roman marching camp was an extremely important part of Roman military life.  While each legion had a permanent base, while out on campaign, the Romans would construct an extremely well organized marching camp where they could safely bed down to spend the night.  Every camp had the same basic layout which meant that each legionary knew both what was required of them as well as the layout and location of important items and people in the camp.  The camp site was carefully chosen, ideally on elevated terrain that was easily defendable and with both a good water supply and adequate grazing for animals.  With different tent types for soldiers and generals laid out in rows with streets and surrounded by a ditch and pallisade, the Roman marching camp was yet another example of Roman military efficiency.  

Our figures are designed to show the basic activities of a Roman camp with workers digging and putting up tents, soldiers cooking and polishing armor and weapons, and with sentries manning their posts.  We feel that these figures are an important part of representing the daily life of the Roman Legions while out on campaign and we hope you find them a valuable addition to our Glory of Rome product range.

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the Glory of Rome product range.

re-released in NOVEMBER 2019.