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Persian Satrap Guard Cavalry (Phrygian - Heavy Cavalry)--five mounted figures

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Item Number: 60PSN06-A

Persian Satrap Guard Cavalry (Phrygian - Heavy Cavalry)

The set contains 5 model soldiers plus 5 horse models comprising of 1 officer and 4 troopers.  The heads and arms are interchangeable to enable the assembly of at least 10 different action poses.  This set is designed specifically to supersede the previous set of Satrap Guard Cavalry (60 PSN 06 Y).  We do this to ensure that our historical range is not affected by discontinuation of essential army elements. 

It is our intention for a box-set to depict only a single unit.  This is to facilitate collectors who requested for the supply of different heads etc. to form units.  It also made it easier for us to design components to allow for closer depiction of historical details.

The Satrap Guards are the security guarantee for the Persian rulers of provinces where the native population could be non-Persian or even hostile.  These soldiers are thus full-time professionals. One of the most famous Satrap in history is that of Cyrus the Younger at Sardis. Among his subjects are the Phrygians who are famous warriors with a reputation as very good horsemen.

We have continued to depict these troopers as heavy cavalrymen with horse armour and crested helmets.  They are also armed with both spear and bow which are their traditional weaponry.  Their dress is similar to their foot counterparts in 60 PSN 04-F Phrygian Satrap Guard Infantry.

Released in MAY 2021.