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Median Cavalry (Medium Cavalry)--five mounted figures

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 60PSN06-M

Median Cavalry (Medium Cavalry)

As before, this set also contains 5 model soldiers plus 5 horse models comprising of 1 officer and 4 troopers.  This set depicts one of the core component of the Persian army, the Medes (Median is the adjective).

The Medes are ethnically related to the Persians and are treated as equal partners.  In our previous sets, we have not designed a set to depict the unique headdress of the Medes.  The Medes were horsemen from early times while the early Persians were more of infantry.  Thus, the tunic and trousers suited for riding are referred to as Median dress.

Median troopers are depicted as medium cavalrymen with unarmoured horses.  Their main weapon is the javelin or light spear while many also continue to carry the bow.

Released in MAY 2021.