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Line Grenadiers in shako, Peninsular War French, 1808-1814--nine figures (officer and 8 grenadiers)

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 54PNF01

Line Grenadiers in shako, Peninsular War French, 1808-1814

The set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 officer and 8 grenadiers.  The heads and arms are interchangeable to enable the assembly of different action poses.  These are the famous soldiers of Napoleon and not much introduction is required. 

For customers who are interested in model size, the Grenadiers are deliberately sculpted to a slight bigger size as compared to the line infantrymen.  Note that the base is 2mm thick.

This series of box-sets are conversions from the IPG series above.  The basic models are the same as that in 54 IPG 01 except for the heads and ammo pouch.

The uniforms are very similar to the Old Guard Grenadiers.  We, therefore, sculpted the necessary parts (shako lozenge plate and cartridge pouch with the grenade rather than the eagle) to provide models for the Peninsular War for those collectors and gamers who prefer the Peninsular War to the Borodino to Waterloo campaigns.  If the shako is replaced with one with an Eagle plate, these models can also be made to represent the Middle Guards.

Released in SEPTEMBER 2021.