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Infantry Officer, Roth Wurzburg Infantry Regiment, The Battle of Leuthen, The Seven Years War, 1757--single figure

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Item Number: ROT-08

Infantry Officer, Roth Wurzburg Infantry Regiment
The Battle of Leuthen, The Seven Years War, 1757

The Roth Wurzberg Infantry were mercenary troops in Austrian service.  The regiment was raised in 1757 from troops from the three existing Wurzburg infantry regiments.  The regiment was organized along similar lines to the Austrian infantry regiments, with 2 Feldbataillone, and 2 companies of grenadiers.  It fought with the Austrian army from late 1756 until 1759.  During the Seven Years War, the regiment was owned by the prince-bishop of Wurzburg and Bamberg Adam Friedrich Graf von Seinsheim.  The regiment was disbanded at the end of the war in 1763.

On December 5th 1757, at the Battle of Leuthen, one battalion of the Regiment was deployed in Haller’s brigade, in the second line of the Austrian left wing.  The regiment was to lose 24 officers and 755 men killed or captured during its valiant defence of the churchyard in Leuthen.