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General Erich Marcks--single figure

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: Club-032

General Erich Marcks

General Erich Marcks was a German officer in the Wehrmacht during WWI and WWII.  He was responsible for drafting the first plans for Operation Barbarossa (conquest of Russia) which he deemed possible within 17 weeks.  He commanded several different Divisions during his career and his 53rd birthday coincided with the Allied invasion of Normandy where he was then based, a birthday not likely to be forgotten!  Although not as well known as some other German high ranking officers, for those of you who have watched the film 'The Longest Day', you will probably remember him from where he plays a scene in the film discussing wargames and how he predicts the Allies will come across at Normandy, he was of course, quite correct.  Marcks was killed on 12th June 1944 by an Allied barrage as he carried out a front line inspection of his troops. 
Limited Edition of 100.

Released in NOVEMBER 2018.