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Fallschirmjager Seated on Box Looking Up with base--single figure--RETIRED--LAST ONE!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: FJ042A

Fallschirmjager Seated on Box Looking Up

The German Fallschirmjager were the Luftwaffe's elite infantry arm and took part in several high-profile missions including the assault on Eben Emael and Crete in 1941, where they suffered high casualties.  Despite these losses, Crete was captured, but is considered something of a Pyrrhic victory.  Generally employed in a ground infantry role after Crete, the Fallschirmjager showed tenacity and courage on every front and were respected by the Allied forces as a force second to none.  Airborne operations after Crete did continue on a smaller scale and included glider and parachute assaults, most notably the rescue of Mussolini at Gran Sasso and the mission to assassinate Tito in Yugoslavia by SS Fallschirmjager amongst other units.  The last major German airborne assault of WWII was at the Battle of the Bulge which is often overlooked, although this maybe because of the failure of the mission.

Another FJ sitting down on a box, but looking up.  Obviously sits well with FJ041 or our previously released 'Breakfast Club' figures.

Limited to 100 worldwide.

Released in JULY 2018.