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Castillian Knight--Single Mounted Figure

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Item Number: CID-06

Castillian Knight -- Single Mounted Figure

The age in which El Cid lived has since been termed the “Reconquista”, or Christian reconquest of Spain from the Moors, and was one of the most colourful periods in military history.

The armies are spectacular and varied, ranging from the noble Christian Knights to the Muslim Andalusians, through to the religious zeal of the African invaders, the Almoravids and Almohads.

Although the period is often portrayed as a simple war of religion, it was in fact a great deal more complex, with Muslim commonly fighting Muslim, and Christian fighting Christians, with both sides using allies and mercenaries whenever it suited them.

This period, during the lifetime of El Cid 1040-1100AD saw the rise of heavy cavalry charges and other northern European influences, especially in the kingdoms of Aragon and Catalonia, which had the strongest links to France.

The Kingdom of Castile was a large and powerful state on the Iberian Peninsula during the middle ages. Its name comes from the host of castles constructed in the region.

It began in the 9th century as the County of Castile an eastern frontier lordship of the Kingdom of Leon.

During the 10th century its Counts increased their autonomy, but it was not until 1065 that it was separated from Leon and became a Kingdom in its own right.

Between 1072 and 1157, it was again united with Leon, and after 1230, this union became permanent.

Throughout this period, the Castilian kings made extensive conquests in southern Iberia at the expense of the Islamic principalities

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