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Private Jenkins, 55th Foot Regiment, British Light Infantry--RETIRED.

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Item Number: JJCLUB-2014A

British Light Infantry, 55th Foot Regiment, Private Jenkins

The 55th Foot Regiment, was Lord Howe’s regiment, and these soldiers displayed the field modifications introduced by that energetic and gifted commander.  The main goals of which were to improve functionality in the American wilderness. 
Hats were cropped, and coats were docked short with the lace removed, so as not to encumber the men in the thick forest.  The hair was also cropped short for ease and comfort, a measure Lord Howe was also to follow.  Hatchets were carried instead of swords, and an extra cartridge box at the waist brought the total ammunition carried by each man up to 36 rounds.  Each man would also carry in his knapsack a large supply of meal, which he was expected to cook for himself.


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