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British Grenadier Deluxe Edition

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Partizan Press

Item Number: 1-43690


Take command of the forces battling in America as the thirteen colonies begin their struggle for independence.

You can deploy the regiments and guns on the battlefields of that era, making the decisions that decided the fate of a continent.

Whether your ambition is to command the British grenadiers as they march towards Bunker Hill, or to take the decisions George Washington faced when he defended New York this ruleset provides everything you need to organise your battles. It is based upon meticulous historical research while remaining playable and fun.

Lavish illustration, tables, game counters and scenarios give you everything you need to get started.

British Grenadier! can also be used to re-fight battles of the French and Indian Wars and the War of 1812, and special new scenarios for these conflicts have been included.

Changes to the new edition rules include:
1. This new edition brings together various rule amendments from the period since the rules appearance, including brigade moves, reinforcements marches, and changes to artillery DP rallies.
2. Some new rules, including the Bayonet Charge! rule.
3. Revised artillery firing table.
4. Revised - ie re-edited text.
5. New scenarios for Sainte Foy (F&IW) and Chippawa (War of 1812).
6. Revised Freemans Farm scenario.
7. High quality graphic design, including order markers. 

Bitish Grenadier Deluxe Edition is available in 2 formats.

A standard 'beer proof' gloss laminated hardback, ideal for repeated handling by the common man.

For discerning wargamers and gentleman of quality the book is also available in a Gentleman's Edition. This fine example of printing craftsmanship and design is matt laminated with foil embossing with debossed details, the cover illustrations enhanced with a superior reflective coating to caress your eyes like the fair hands of dusky maidens (still not included).

Both versions of the rulebook come with a gloss laminated full colour 4 page Quick Reference Sheet. None of your usual having to cut out the playsheet nonsense here, this is a Deluxe Edition after all!.