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Aircraft Carrier Base #2, The Second World War

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John Jenkins Designs

Item Number: BH-200

Aircraft Carrier Base #2, The Second World War

The Aircraft carriers during the second World War mainly had wooden decks.  The colour depended on the class of ship and when it was commissioned.  It also depended on whether the ship received upgrades or had battle damage repairs.

To better camouflage the carriers from the air, the decks were treated with a dark blue stain, called “Deck Stain #21”.  It was approximately the same colour as the “Sea Blue” that the tops of the aircraft were painted during the tri colour scheme, but not as dark as the overall “midnight Blue” which aircraft were painted towards the end of the war.

Please note that “BH CARRIER BASES” can be used as single, double, or as a triple display.

The Double Base 19 ½” x 15” x ¾” (using any two ( 2) of the three (3) BH bases) can accommodate most 1/30 scale carrier fighters.

The Triple Base 29 ¼” x 15” x ¾” (using any three (3) of the BH bases) can accommodate one 1/30 scale carrier fighter and one “parked” carrier fighter.

Please note:  BH Carrier Bases are designed to be displayed in sets of three (3), “running Vertically”, as opposed to the IWA Carrier Bases which are designed to be displayed “running horizontally in sets of two (2).

Box Size:  9 3/4” x 15” x 3/4”
Weight:  2.065g