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42nd Regiment of Foot, 2 Grenadiers Marching

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Item Number: TIC-20

42nd Regiment of Foot, 2 Grenadiers Marching
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The Grenadiers were the elite shock troops of the regiment. Their special headdress was to differentiate them from the regular “bonnet” companies. The high grenadier bearskin cap made them look taller and more imposing.
The grenadier name derived from the function they had used to perform in the seventeenth century, which was throwing hand grenades prior to a final assault on a defensive position. Army commanders would customarily organize the regimental grenadier companies into a special assault battalion which were then used to spearhead attacks on critical vital points.
At Ticonderoga, the grenadier companies from the 42nd were converged with 5 other Grenadier companies into one unit, and were under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Haldiman of the 60th Foot.