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2020 Christmas set - French Garde Grenadiers Full Dress 1804-1815 6 Figures

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Tradition of London

Item Number: Christ2020

2020 Christmas set - Garde Grenadiers Full Dress 1804-1815 - The French Army

The Imperial Guard  was originally a small group of elite soldiers of the French Army under the direct command of Napoleon I, but grew considerably over time. It acted as his bodyguard and tactical reserve, and he was careful of its use in battle.

The Guard was divided into the staff, infantry, cavalry, and artillery regiments, as well as battalions of sappers and marines.

The guard itself as a whole distinguished between the experienced veterans and less experienced members by being separated into three sections: the Old Guard, Middle Guard and Young Guard.

The figures are made in England of quality white metal and meticulously hand-painted in gloss enamel to the highest standards.