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The Collectors Showcase

February 11, 2013

The new FEBRUARY releases arrived in TX, We should have by the end of the Month! TCS00631 Tiger Wittmann Kursk w/ 2 figs Open & Close Hatches TCS00649 Hanomag Normandy 1 fig TCS00651 Hanomag Normandy Jumpers One 2 figs TCS00652 Hanomag Normandy Jumpers Two 2 figs TCS00672 Guillaume des Bordes w/ Oriflamme TCS00673 Valeran de Raineval w/Lance TCS00675 Sir Walter Paveley TCS00674 Charles d'Albret w/lance TCS00676 English Knight Sword Wielder TCS00677 David Gamme - Wounded TCS00678 French Artillery Gun TCS00679 French Artillery Ignitor & Sponger 2 figs TCS00680 French Commander 1 fig TCS00681 French Ammo Carrier & Mover 2 fig TCS00583 US 2nd ID Advancers2 figs TCS00584 US 2nd ID Firing 2 figs TCS00585 US 2nd ID MG Team 2 figs TCS00587 US 2nd ID 57mm Anti-Tank Gun 3 Figs & Ammo Shells,Box