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October News #1

October 13, 2018

October 2018
 We are halfway through October and I apologize for being out of touch. I was out in Amherst, Mass celebrating with my teammates for the 2oth Anniversary of our football 1-AA Championship team. Our team was honored by being inducted into the UMass Athletics Hall of Fame.
Now back on to toy soldiers!
The new LOD Plastic sets have been selling well and we will be ordering more soon before we run out. The Expeditionary Force Romans have super popular and we just received more today. Today we got a much needed King and Country shipment in and were able to push out most of the pending orders. The first batch of Team Miniatures American Indians came in yesterday and most of the pre-orders were shipped. Some of the Indians and Mongols have been delayed. See below for more information.  The new Collectors Showcase has arrived. Thomas Gunn has also been updated. I just added several WWII items to our Rare and Retired section and we just got over more items listed up on ebay this week.
PARKING IN MALDEN. As many of you know Malden Square has changed over to meters. So they are .25 cents for 15 minutes up to 2 hours. The fine is $25.00, so put quarters in your car! It also takes credit cards. The meters are free after 7PM. So if you can park on the street on Thursday or Friday nights that is your best bet. The good news about the meters is they freed up a lot of spaces during the day, there are always vacant spots on Exchange St now (just bring quarters). The Garage across the street we can validate for 2 hours but it is not free until 11PM. I belive the Jackson St Garage (2 Blocks away) is free at 9 or 10PM.
On the game front last week we received Black Powder 2.0 Rules and the new Bolt Action North Africa Campaign figures and sets. We also have the new Warhammer Underworld Nightvault Collection in stock. Next week we are looking forward to more GW Kill Team sets. I would also like to thank the nearly 50 attendees who turned up for our Magic Pre-release 2 weeks ago.
We have 5 samples of the Figarti Miniatures (FM) King Tiger on hand. Sadly now for sale yet. I will add them all up for official pre-order shortly. I am working with FM to get them done right!
You can email and we can add you to our list for them.
Shows we are attending:
East Coast Toy Soldier Show Sunday November 4th.
Fairleigh Dickinson University's  Rothman Center, 100 University Plaza Drive, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Annual Model And Toy Soldier Show
Friday November 16 - 6PM to 9PM Saturday November 17 - 9AM to 4PM
Freeport Recreation Center 130 Merrick Road
Freeport, New York
NETSS Toy Soldier Show
Woburn, MA  
Sunday December 9th at the Crown Plaza
9AM-3PM Woburn, Mass
Our first Holiday show!
We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.
LINK: (click picture)
New K&C October releases!
Link: New K&C
The releases include North Vietnamese Regulars (just arrived today), The Pope and his Swiss Guards, a Russian SU-122, Japanese Infantry in fighting poses, and a new version of Napoleon.
Our first shipment is in.
The Female Indians will be in later this month.
The Mongols will be available the end of November.
The Indian Teepee's will be available in December.
Sorry you have to wait I was under the impression that they were all available on my initial sample order.
We just got a sample of Romans and French Grenadiers 1815. We will add those to the site this weekend.
Link:  TEAM
Expeditionary Force Barbarians
and Romans  - more stock just in.